Week 3 – Onwards and Upwards!

Week 2 of the No Hat Internship was tough BUT I got through it and this week it’s much, much easier. I’m working on a really broad authority site this week, which is on a topic that  I love and has loads of little gem keywords hidden away. So far this week I have 3 article keyword sets I’m happy with, 1500+ words written with 9,750 to go as part of the elite internship. If I can get another article banged out today and a few more done tomorrow, I’ll be well on the way to getting finished for this week’s Sunday deadline.

I outsourced 4k words of my content last week because I had so much on but this week I fully intend to write all content myself. So even if you think you don’t have enough time, I work 60 hours a week in my normal job and am still managing to get things done, so anyone out there who is thinking they won’t have the time, if you want to do this, you find a way to MAKE TIME. This is coming from one of the worlds biggest procrastinators, so If I can do this, you can too! Next week is going to be really exciting, as it’s experiments week and I’m desperately hoping I get to work on the Pat Flynn experiment - I love Pat’s blog, so really looking forward to helping make one of his sites an even bigger success!

Curse The Fitness Niche To The Blackest Pits of Hell…

I am really, really struggling with this weeks assignment. I’ve to write 11,250 words on a really, really narrow area of the fitness niche and it is really starting to drain me. I will be happy if I never see another fitness related article again, I swear! So I have sent a begging email to my group leader, pleading to be allowed access to my week 3 site early, because if I have to write 11k words on a topic so narrow, the repetition will be absolutely ridiculous and will make the site suffer and look crappy as a result.

Edit: See this is why being part of a group of interns is so valuable! I got a great idea from a fellow intern of an angle to take I hadn’t thought of before, which utterly widens out my narrow niche and just saves my ass. If I hadn’t had the group to bounce ideas off of, I’d have been totally sunk. So anyway, I am now off to write a squillion more words on top of my 2.5k already written today and continue onwards to week 3. Also, my group lost another member today which sucks – real life just seems to be getting in the way for a lot of people.

Baarring getting hit by a bus, I’m determined to finish and finish as an elite intern :)

The Internship Continues!

So my internship group has dropped from 7 of us to start off with down to just 4! So this week we are totally focused on building out content for a specific Keyword Set. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, as the keyword I’ve been assigned is really, really narrow and I’ve only managed to really piece together 5 pages of planned content without completely repeating myself and just making the site a keyword stuffed nightmare. I asked my group leader what to do and am just waiting to hear back from him.

My idea is to build a few more pages out that are related to my keywords but aren’t really money earners – they’ll be responsible for driving traffic instead. I got the idea from browsing forums in the niche and really seeing what questions were asked over and over. As it stands, I’m an elite intern so my mission should I choose to accept it is to get 11,250 words of helpful content written around my keywords that will both drive traffic and earn money!

It’s just difficult, as my group leader isn’t online very much, so I waste a lot of time waiting to hear back and I could be using that time to get things done (like write content for example) – I’ll stop whining now, I guess I’m getting the fear of “aargh 11250 words and only a week to write them!”

The training in the internship is really second to none and If you were thinking about doing it, I would 100% recommend. Even though we’re only at week 2, I’m already confident that I could take what I’ve learned so far and build profitable sites, I just want to get through the next 4 weeks and come out on top as an Elite intern with all of the cool extras being an elite gets you – plus I’d love to work with the no hat digital team in the future. Anyway, can’t stop and chat – got lots of words to write!

Until next time…

Exciting Happenings – Doing the NoHatDigital Internship

It was all quiet for a few days and that’s because I’ve literally been buried in keyword research! I joined about a hundred other people on Monday doing the internship over at NoHatDigital to really learn how they build out their sites. If you’ve not heard of them, then I strongly suggest that you head on over there and read… A LOT. Hayden and the whole team at NHD really know their stuff and have built up and sold thousands of niche sites and they truly want to help other people do the same thing and gain their own financial freedom.

So for me, It’s been a many late night, early mornings week so far but I’m happy, really happy because I have now got a great little list of keywords that I know will be profitable. I now understand what people say when they tell you that 75% of the battle is getting the keywords right. It took me nearly 2 days of digging but I finally have a set of keywords that  I’m happy with, that will make money and I learned a process to do the same thing over and over again.

The Obligatory Hello World Post…


Hey everyone and welcome to Niche Wizards! We’re 2 highly motivated girls in the big online world…

My name is Claire Walker and my co-blogger is Lara Kulpa. We’ve started this blog primarily as a place to document the journey of learning about building niche websites – everything from keyword research, getting a domain, adding content and monetization.

We got interested in learning about niche sites through a discussion we had about several people we’d seen online having great success with niche sites – we were chatting about the different online experience we both had, me in SEO, Lara in social media. We’d recently come across Spencer Haws over at NichePursuits.com and Lara knew Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com .

We got really motivated reading their success stories and decided it was time to try to get a success story of our own! We both had a little bit of experience creating and monetizing sites, so now it was just time for us to learn more, apply that knowledge and push to be just as successful as they are!

So we decided over the next few months, we’re both going to work hard at learning the methods involved and see if we can get some successful (and profitable) niche sites up and running!

Watch this space and as we learn, we’ll share the knowledge and hopefully get you started on your own niche empire journey!