The Obligatory Hello World Post…


Hey everyone and welcome to Niche Wizards! We’re 2 highly motivated girls in the big online world…

My name is Claire Walker and my co-blogger is Lara Kulpa. We’ve started this blog primarily as a place to document the journey of learning about building niche websites – everything from keyword research, getting a domain, adding content and monetization.

We got interested in learning about niche sites through a discussion we had about several people we’d seen online having great success with niche sites – we were chatting about the different online experience we both had, me in SEO, Lara in social media. We’d recently come across Spencer Haws over at and Lara knew Pat Flynn from .

We got really motivated reading their success stories and decided it was time to try to get a success story of our own! We both had a little bit of experience creating and monetizing sites, so now it was just time for us to learn more, apply that knowledge and push to be just as successful as they are!

So we decided over the next few months, we’re both going to work hard at learning the methods involved and see if we can get some successful (and profitable) niche sites up and running!

Watch this space and as we learn, we’ll share the knowledge and hopefully get you started on your own niche empire journey!